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Health Plans are experiencing an unmet demand for therapy 

At Unmute, we believe that finding a therapist should be the easy part of your members’ mental health journey

Fill out Unmute’s therapist intake, where we ask questions not only about you and your practice, but also who your ideal clients are to ensure the best matches for client referrals.

The Problem

Although the #1 indicator of success in therapy is the patient-therapist fit, 1 in 2 people quit therapy due to a lack of therapist fit. 


Our Approach

Benefits of Partnership

1. Improve member experience, while enhancing access to therapy 

2. Getting the match right from the get-go means improved mental health outcomes and quicker healing 

3. Successful mental health treatment also deliver cost savings

Studies show a 17% in overall medical savings when patients with mental illness receive therapy

No longer are members visiting Psychology Today to search for a therapist who’s a part of your plan. We provide a white labeled experience for members to match to an in-network therapist directly from your website

Unmute’s matching algorithm connects your member to an in-network therapist with availability and who meet their personal preferences


Unmute's Impact


Unmute users continue seeing their matched therapist after Session 3

In comparison- 50% of US adults drop out of therapy by Session 3


User Net Promoter Score

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