Unmute for Therapists

Unmute is expanding its platform to make it easier for therapists to set up and run their private practices


We're currently in development and seeking feedback from therapists; we'd like

to learn about your experiences in setting up a practice and understand what

features are important to you. Your feedback will shape the development of our therapist facing platform and in return you'll get priority access to our platform next year. 

Business Setup

Setting up a new practice can be daunting, you were trained to be a therapist not a business person. Unmute streamlines your practice set up from insurance empaneling, licensure applications, and more. So you can start helping clients quicker 

Client Acquistion

Word of mouth referrals don't have to be the only way you fill your books. We build therapists bios based on information clients are seeking, helping you to stand out and match to the right clientele

Practice Management

Unmute manages the non-therapy work: billing, insurance claims and finances. Let us take care of your business operations, while you focus on doing what you love- helping people