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Growing numbers of college students demand mental health support

Fill out Unmute’s therapist intake, where we ask questions not only about you and your practice, but also who your ideal clients are to ensure the best matches for client referrals.

At Unmute, we believe that finding a therapist should be the easy part of everyone's

 mental health journey

The Problem

9 in 10 students have experienced negative mental health symptoms during COVID-19

1 in 3

Students who are diagnosed with depression drop out of college


 of students drop out of college because of mental health problems

The #1 indicator of therapeutic success is the patient-therapist fit

Yet, 1 in 2 students who try therapy will quit due to a lack of therapist fit and remain at risk


Our Approach

How Unmute works for Students



Student Sign Up

Get Matched by a Therabuddy

Students Receive Guidance Along
Their Therapeutic Journey

Therabuddies share tips and their experience to help students choose the right therapist and make therapy more approachable



Students fill out an intake form with their presenting issues, insurance, and therapist preferences in ethnicity, age, gender, personality, and specialty

Each student gets assigned to a Therabuddy who will provide 5 in-network therapist matches through Unmute's proprietary matching algorithm


Begin Therapy With Confidence


Once an student schedules an initial appointment, Unmute Therabuddies follow up after the initial session, 3rd session and at the 6 month mark to ensure that the student is progressing in or has successfully completed therapy

Unmute's Impact


Unmute users continue seeing their matched therapist after Session 3

In comparison- 50% of US adults drop out of therapy by Session 3


User Net Promoter Score

Benefits of Partnership

It's FREE to partner with Unmute,

we work with universities by providing partner pricing for students

Bring Unmute to your campus today!

Unmute expands university counselling services by matching students to

off-campus mental health support 

Universities who have chosen to Unmute

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