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Welcome to Peers Unmuted

SPILL: Sex Positive, Intersectional,

and LGBTQ+ Life


Purpose of SPILL 

SPILL is a non-judgmental space for people who do not fall into the category of cis/het/vanilla/monogamous. We discuss issues around gender, sexuality, family and relationship structures, work, school, and society. This is also a place for people whose sexual and gender identities intersect with their race, disability, or socioeconomic status, and who would like to share how their particular experiences have influenced their lives. 


How Does SPILL Work? 

SPILL meetings are made up of members of a SPILL community: LGBTQ+ folks, polyamorous individuals/couples/polycules, sex workers, kinksters, and others

  • SPILL starts on Thursday, April 7th, 2022 and will run weekly each Thursday from 7-8 PM EST on Zoom

  • Each meeting has a peer facilitator, who helps guide meetings and foster a safe space for mutual sharing and connection 

  • Meetings are one hour long with the following format:

    • Intros and question of the week (10 min)

    • SPILL Your Story- open share time (30 min)

    • Weekly topic discussion (20 min)

  • Try your first SPILL session for free today! 


First Session Free


  • Attend  weekly guided peer support sessions

  • Connect with other SPILL community members in a non-judgmental space to unlearn, relearn, and unpack feelings of your lived experiences

  • We offer affordable pricing compared to individual therapy 

  • No credit card needed to sign up

Your SPILL membership includes a FREE therapist match through Unmute! 

Apply for financial assistance here

Join SPILL If You:

  • Identify as LGBTQ+ or are beginning your journey with your sexual and gender identity 

  • Are in the kink community or have just started exploring kink

  • Live a polyamorous lifestyle or practice ethical non-monogamy

  • Are a sex worker or are considering a career in sex work

  • Need a space where people “get it” and you don’t have to educate others on identity, where your identities and lifestyles will be respected and you will not be stigmatized

Try SPILL for free today! No credit card needed to sign up.

Meet Your SPILL Facilitator


Rhiannon, SPILL Facilitator (She/Her) & Jack the dog

Hi There! I’m Rhiannon (she/her) and I am a queer trauma-focused grad student working on my degree in Mental Health Counseling. I have been an intern at a community outpatient practice for a year now and will be graduating from Cambridge College in September '22. I currently live just outside of Boston with my husband, Jack the dog (pictured above), and Lyda the cat.


I identify as part of the following SPILL communities:

  • LGBTQ+

  • Polyamorous

  • Kinky

  • Living with Mental and Chronic Illness


I also recognize my privilege as cis, straight-passing, able-bodied, and white. I take a firm anti-racist and pro-equity stance, and try to weave that into my education and work. 


My goal here is to make sure that everyone feels seen, heard, and welcomed, and that their experiences have value. Group and community support is one of the most important factors in overcoming adversity and trauma, and I know from personal experience that having even just a few people on your side who really get it can make all the difference. It is my hope that the connections made here will continue to serve you throughout the rest of your lives.



This is not a clinical support group, but rather a peer-led community wellness space. This group is not meant to diagnose or treat any mental illness or emotional/behavioral disorder. 


Sessions are hosted via Zoom and will not be recorded. Members are expected to maintain the privacy of group members and contribute to the overall safety and community of the group.

Peers Unmuted Groups

 Coming Soon!


Join Unmute's waitlist for one of our upcoming peer support groups:  

  • ADHD 

  • Asian American 


  • College/University Students

  • Eating Disorder

  • Grief 

  • Entrepreneurs/Founders 

  • OCD

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