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Our Story

Unmute Co-Founder, Colleen Leung & Mom

We're building from lived experiences

As a second-generation Chinese American, my family did not speak about mental health while growing up. So when my mom battled severe depression and suicidal ideation, our family was at a loss. I knew she needed help, so I blindly navigated the therapist search process. My mom was already skeptical about trying therapy and when the therapist I found turned out to be a poor cultural fit, she was no longer interested in trying therapy again.

It turns out that my mom was 1 in 2 BIPOC patients who will drop out of therapy after their first session. Convincing her to receive treatment was already a hurdle, not finding the appropriate support was devastating.


That sparked my mission to build Unmute and to meet my Co-Founder, Dr. Doris Chang, a practicing psychologist, renowned clinical researcher and professor at New York University's School of Social Work. 

I hope that our team at Unmute can be a part of your healing journey and that you find comfort in knowing that you are not alone.


                                                                                                     With Love,                                                                                         Colleen Leung

BIPOC communities disproportionately face more barriers finding the right mental health support 

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Treatment Rates


Of BIPOC who need mental health treatment actually receive it 

(vs. 49% of white patients)

Drop Out Rates


Of BIPOC will drop out of therapy after their first session 

(vs. 33% of white patients)

At Unmute we believe that healthcare is a fundamental right, and that

mental wellness is just as important as physical


It's imperative that we recognize the complex intersection of systemic inequalities, racism, and mental health. Our approach to therapy ensures that mental health services are not only culturally sensitive and responsive but also actively involve people of color in shaping and conducting research, ultimately leading to more equitable and

effective mental health support for all individuals.

Our Founders

Colleen Leung

Colleen Leung

Co-Founder & CEO


Catherine Eubanks.jpg

Dr. Catherine Eubanks, PhD

Co-Founder & Co-Director 

Center for Alliance-Focused Training


Dr. Doris Chang, PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer 


20210504_181459 (1).jpg

Dr. Saba Haq, MD

Former Medical Director

Carbon Health


Brian Manning


Bamboo Health


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