We’re Asini and Colleen, we met at Babson’s MBA program and bonded over sharing life hacks around mental wellness. We quickly recognized how weird it still was to speak out about our mental health. There seemed to be certain friends that you could chat openly about it with and others you couldn’t, luckily we were the former for each other. We often say, “it’s so normal to go to the gym to get physically fit, but there isn’t the same norm around mental health and therapy.”


Our Purpose

After trying to find therapists for ourselves and our loved ones, we realized how pitiful the process was. In an age where we can swipe for pretty much anything, something this useful and important couldn’t be that hard, right? But it is.


The more friends we spoke to, the more apparent it became that we weren’t alone. Each story was almost always the same: not knowing where to start, what to look for, what to ask, what to expect. In addition, COVID-19 had altered our day to day norms creating even more importance to Unmute about our mental health care.  


Our Offering 

Unmute was initially developed so our friends and family could comfortably speak out about their mental health with us and so that we could demystify what therapy is for them. 


Today, our platform is available to anyone in the US and offers a free therapist matching service.

Our Mission

During these unprecedented times when we want to speak on a Zoom call, we click unmute. We’re choosing to figuratively push the unmute button today and speak out about our mental health, because it's now more important than ever to normalize mental health care and provide easy access to therapy.

“It’s so normal to go to the gym to look after our physical health- our mission is to achieve the same norm around therapy and mental health.”

Asini Wijewardane & Colleen Leung 

Friends from Babson MBA & Founders of Unmute


Michael Young

Software Developer


Mazen Danaf

Data Scientist


Sonali Dasgupta

Data Scientist


Andrew Wu

Data Scientist


Jordan Lapins

Business Development Specialist


Mayabea Schechner



Colleen Leung

Colleen Leung

Co-Founder & CEO


Asini Wijewardane


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Rhiannon Chiacchiaro

Director of Customer Success


Kaylee O'Connell


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Felicia Brinson


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Meghan Donahue


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Declan Gore



Patricia Cole



Audrey Shin

Marketing Intern


At Unmute, we believe that healthcare is a fundamental right, and that mental wellness is just as important as physical. Furthermore, we actively advocate for increased access to mental health services for all people regardless of identity, background, or circumstance. 


We consistently strive for a more just, equitable, and transparent community within Unmute and beyond. We invite conversation and reflection, and work to build a team that values culture add over culture fit. 


We take social responsibility very seriously and implement it in the way we work and run our business. As part of our value system, we affirm that:


  • Black lives matter

  • Love is love

  • Trans men are men, trans women are women, and gender exists beyond a binary 

  • Addiction is a disease, not a moral failing

  • Abuse victims should be believed

  • Intersectionality within communities is key to addressing discrimination and oppression

  • People have the right to autonomy over their bodies

  • Disability does not diminish a person’s worth

  • No human is illegal

  • All people should have the right to practice their faith freely and safely

  • Everyone has privilege and we are responsible for using it to uplift marginalized voices

  • We stand with the BIPOC community in our commitment to dismantle racism and create greater equity and inclusion


It is our sincere hope that you will join us on our mission. Together, we can unmute the conversation on mental health. 

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