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Asian Therapist

How to Get Matched 

Unmute Therabuddies

We Listen

Fill out our intake form and  tell us what you're looking for in a therapist 

We Match

Pay a $25 matching fee and receive 5 personalized therapist recommendations from an Unmute Therabuddy 

We Guide

Therabuddies share tips and their experience to help you choose the right therapist and make therapy approachable


If you're interested in conducting your therapist search on your own, check out Unmute's therapist search guide

*All information shared with our team is confidential and anonymous 

What Unmute Users Are Saying

4.9/5 stars based on 200 ratings


Looking for a therapist was always a process that gave me more anxiety than calmness. It was also another item on the to-do list at the end of a long work day that I did not want to deal with

—  Name, Title

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